PURE TRIOS: $400                         CROSS TRIOS:$250                                                     

PURE PAIR: $250                           CROSS PAIR:$175

PURECOCK:$175                           CROSSCOCK: $125                                                                                                                                                                              PURE HEN:50 TO $100                  CROSS HEN:$25 TO $75

PURE STAG:$75 TO $125              CROSS STAG: $50 TO $100

PURE PULLET:$30 TO $75             CROSS PULLET:$20 TO $50

I dont ask for a lot on my birds and the things is im not making a living on this its what i do for fun. Beside you can have my birds all you want but you dont have my keep. I no you all work hard for your money and all have bills im in the same hole buds. Beside $500 to $1500 is way to much for a bird or birds. I have birds just as good as the people asking for that much I here a lot of people say you have to pay a lot for good birds that is bullshit the most I paid for a trio is $300 and thats the 100% SWEATER McGINNIS BLUEFACE HATCH people talk alot  of shit about there birds how good they are and all i say (THEY BOTH HAVE GAFFS JUST WAIT TILL THE END TO TALK BUD).

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